everything feels unreal, detached

i dont want to move forward from this point

i want to move forward from a point that doesnt exist

and will never exist ever again

how do you get back what you shouldnt get back ?

you cant get back

you cant go anywhere you want to because it just doesnt exist anymore

i only better myself to busy myself

its a direction that numbs the right direction

the wrong direction

the one that disappeared

i’ll never get it back

not what it was

not what it is

i just am

moving to Portland because i can

Music making night with karrum

Music making night with karrum

this story inspires me every day

i think about a friend of mine who was in love with a person

the person loved them back too

5 years together & i love you but is it working ?

we went into this with


but are we ever going to accomplish those things ? it’s been 5 years

& were just as ambitious as when we started

are we ever going to change ?

i have changed as an individual

have you ?

i have changed but we have not

maybe the only change you made was liking us more than everything else

she leaves.

hope has an expiration date

love gets recycled

5 years more, 5 years more, ten years

you still dont like anything as much as us

in fact you search for it in everything

you built your life around the shrine that is us

your future will be dedicated to your past

finding me in everything new

finding us in everything new

your future will forever be finding your past

you will favor everything that you meet that reflects me

that girls beautiful smile is just a version of mine

you think you love her

hope has an expiration date

love gets recycled


Ugh, the blacklight section of Superbass is so pretty tbh *__*

feeling so depressed

never understood til nowwww

diaries are for people with poor communication skills

you play both roles

you sit down with yourself a & tell a everything on your mind, you spell it out, you want them to know what youre talking about

then yourself a absorbs everything & rationalizes for the best possible advice for yourself b

without being bias

you have to detach from your own wants wishes lies lies lies



La Combat Spirituel :: Bianca Casady Tarot

Milosav Druckmüller is, hands down, the greatest eclipse photographer in the world. Fact.


Ladies is trubble.




So Spirit Halloween has decided, without asking permission OR notifying me that they were going to use my makeup design (that I posted on a handful of sites WELL over a year ago) to market a new product of theirs (Horns) that haven’t even been put up for sale yet.
I’m livid.
Contacting them right now.
Anyone know if there is anything legally I can do about it?

To people who keep complaining that I have to have copyrights to my own designs/photos, this should answer your comments/questions.
It is not something that requires paid copyright. The design was considered mine the second it was come up with by me, put on my face, and posted online for the world to see.
And the fact that they are using it to gain money off of DOES indeed make it illegal. If it was nonprofit, it would be fine.